About the body


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About the body
Description: Chapters about the receipt of the body through food, activities and decontamination.
The material body is a complicated structure from most different densities and forms of the matter, that are molded with the help of the genetic code in connection with growth by physical nutrition.

The genetic code of a body determines which food-forms at the moment should be earned with help of the instinct and which is been suitable at all for this body.
This means that it takes the food-figure automatically such relevant for its instinctive sense of taste to himself through mental or mental problems in this respect, that correspond to the genetic code of the relevant, is not disturbed.

Since the genetic code is one of each body of most different type, and itself through it the possible food-processing and eating of the relevant of body alters, this is the cause that the taste is one of each body of most different type in reference to the food and even itself this within a same nature-form absolutely varied.

There are for example many food-sources they relatively much protein in itself carries, however if the genetic code of one single body stipulates to earn protein-forms and to utilize, the set protein-cluster in itself carries, so it has not to earn any sense protein-forms of food-sources that doesn't correspond the genetic nutritional-code of the relevant and to then think as well these to be able to utilize also in itself.

Many vegetarians are for ethical reasons of the opinion animal food to be allowed to or to can doesn't eat. However the vegetarians often are not conscious that you should not reject an animal food for genetic reasons.

The vegetarian should test whether it comes to terms with an exclusively vegetable nutrition bodily which can be recognized by it, if no physical lacks like muscle-disappearance, joint-pains, easy deformations of organs in the relevant one through vegetarian consumption or mental concentration-weakness kicks open.

Still not definitely only the genetic code the correct eating but also the soul of a body which the high or deep development-stand of the thoroughness and purity of the host-bodies in itself carries something automatically effects on the eating has.

Normally, the soul chooses the body, that goes genetically with her. (Work-hint: see over the soul.) However it occurs that the mental stand of a host-bodies develops so far upward or downward in the course of the material life, that the spirit is suited no more to this body in the present body from genetic view and doesn't go the present nutritions and exercises with the genetic code of the body through it on the other hand.

Actually, this nature now would have to die and into a new matching body Inca-kidneys, since so strong changes of the spirit have an effect something the Inca-kidney nature on the entire nature, which requires a new adaptation in reference of the body, for itself with help of the genetic code chooses.

However is it better in this case, that the relevant one configures its nutritions again in reference to its actions and rectifies consequently.
On this occasion, it is helpful the inner instincts to trust in connection with the own logic, since itself these the new consciousness after the Durchbrechung of the vicious circle, that consisted of wrong nutrition and wrong actions, the under, or over - developed spirit to adjust.
Also, it is important to trust after a nutritional-reception the resultant feeling.
If I therefore feel good, if I ate meat, vegetables, bread or fruit, so it will be good and right.
Like said, the actions of the relevant change a widened nutrition of the relevant for itself through the new consciousness with those to the balance necessary, in order to still realize these actions, is.

1. this assessed a nature genetically bodily, is, to a mental type develops, so it should take particular vitamins, sugar and protein-forms from milk-products to itself, which cannot be achieved normally with a normal consumption from normal food-sources, since they correspond to no more the normal average to required quantities for the relevant one and these cannot pick up sufficiently into the body for genetic reasons it.
Heeding is that such quantities are earned by vitamins, sugar and protein-forms so that the relevant one feels good through it.

It should at the best slowly the taking of the additions on and on inflation, until it feels good through these, and if necessary the scientific values in reference of the quantity of the day-dose of one-increasing materials don't take into account since these only are valid in normal cases.

2. if a nature, that is assessed genetically mentally, developed into a physical type, so particular vitamins, animal proteins, salts and minerals, only that the one-increasing additives, should behave exactly like with the first example is. The animal proteins are to be possibly earned with reception-supporting means like peppers, mustard and vinegar. Respecting the one-increasing proteins, animal food is very sour in the pH, which it genetically mentally assessed, problems can make ready.
Therefore, the blood is to be de-acidified with this consumption with the taking of (Entsäuerungsmittel)(in German)).
Respecting the one-increasing salts and minerals, it is to be heeded that not too many of these materials should be made.
At the taking of salts, however, the urine can be measured with test-strips what an exact taking of salt-quantities guarantees.
At the additional taking of minerals, it can be trusted the resultant well-being predominantly.
However, determined taken minerals can, calcifications cause them the thought-strength reduces and hurts in the joints can evoke.
(Calcifications can be gotten rid of with extreme garlic-cures)3. what means, has be assess a nature genetically purely that hardly, the nature materials doesn't tolerate them the health contributes (such materials this as drugs (also coffee) can be abused tobacco and alcohol), to an impure type develops, so it should behave like with the first example on the other hand only that the one-increasing additives are predominantly particular vitamins and oil with digestive-materials (like peppers, mustard and vinegar).
For the relevant one, it also is over important on that occasion itself continuous cleaning of subjecting they, cleaning Räucherwerk (lavenders, Condor Copal) of garlic and peppers, Schwitzkuren and abstinence eat in connection with that of required necessary Minerallienzufuhr, Entsäuerung through soda, heavy metal - decontaminations through algae, bio. Reu Rella, after Dr.. Klinghard and from cell-cleaning electric vibration-therapy, can exist.

It is concluding to say that it is much better to earn small quantities for it of additives on occasion, however, to earn all at once as large quantities of these, since the body can pick up only certain quantities of additives all at once or these can be even damaging from a certain quantity.
(Heeding is that everything can be good and bad, which determines a respective situation)

The genetic code for reference of activities

The genetic code of a nature stipulates also activities of the relevant body, to which a nature should keep. To this it is to be said that the activities of a body of reference of the genetic code of a species are imposed on a species coarse-track-y for all natures in general.

If a nature-form is to it laid out itself through running to move jumping, flies, crawl or crawling, so this also should practice these because otherwise physical and mental ailment is the effect of this nothingness-action.

Also the general postures, that are necessary for a healthy life of the nature-forms, let themselves derive from the type of the locomotion.

1. a running nature (only upright locomotions (bipeds and no (Krabbler) (in German))) are hereby meant), a straight and upright physical line has, that decides consequently, that no crooked attitudes should be taken for longer time.

2. a crawling nature touched a body of this constantly completely the ground and therefore is capable to bend in all possible types of the curvature, without a damage therefore occurring in its body someday since no stand-damages can appear with a "comfortable" lying on of the body.

3. a bouncy nature endures relatively fast movements of the joints through its jerkiness and is strongly protected before any contusions or fractures consequently.

4. a crawling nature (life-forms are hereby meant, that itself with at least four legs of moving) is laid out to managing relatively big routes with the lowest energy-loss and can itself also if necessary bending because of the straight posture of the locomotion, without stand-damages appearing, since locomotions of this type curvatures of removing.

5. hardly any flying nature has problems with the joints through its airworthy-ness since all joints with corresponding liquid fill when flying and persisting of the airworthy nature.
It is susceptible for it on fractures and is not good capable consequently to move through running.
Furthermore, the flying locomotion is very much strength-weakens, so that this admits only a certain size of the airworthy life-form because of the required eating.

These locomotion-types are into following genetic steps of beginning of the genetic development until the present-day genetic end and steps divided:0. genetic step: Locomotion from the drift into liquids or no locomotion through this persists.
(Erdlich and Flüssigkeitsbezogen(in German)) 1. genetic step: Locomotion through; The crawl
(Erdlich and Flüssigkeitsbezogen (in German)) 2. genetic step: Locomotion through; Jumping
(Erdlich and Flüssigkeitsbezogen (in German)) 3. genetic step: Locomotion through; Crawling
(Erdlich and Flüssigkeitsbezogen (in German)) 4. genetic step: Locomotion through; Running
(Erdlich and Flüssigkeitsbezogen (in German)) 5. genetic step: Locomotion through; Flying

On this occasion one recognizes that the locomotion-type of the complexity of step 0 of step gains 5 continuously and more and more brain-mass and brain-activity of the nature respectively are required by it from step 0 to 5 in order to realize this.

Over them necessary practicing behaviors of a nature to reference its genetic codes, to say, is, this itself the genetic code of a nature-form for reproduction only relatively slowly alters, and it crucially is the activities of the same Wesenstyps approximately for itself from before thousand of years too restrained.

Genetically programmed rebuilding of the cells of food

A nature from its own experience like fast knows itself the own organs or in general the own body through certain actions fades or fades (wear out) and like fast it or itself on the other hand through particular eating, that on the relevant organs or the relevant flesh is coordinated, can regenerate, so the nature respecting the own nutrition should practice which exercises to determine it easily and which rather not.

The purely physical ailment lets itself only then infer from the total appears if not the eating and the exercises of a material body with the genetic code of the relevant nature, the a certain food and exercise decides agrees.
Since partially this from a correct spirit-being-position and the knowledge of the spirit's relating to this factors depends, I hold for important to educate this relating to this, in that one itself the required knowledge about general nutrition and these in reference of activities, teaches.
This experiencing is to be found out only through self-awareness, however, in the distinctive sense unfortunately because every nature acts differently and (bewiesenermaßen (in German)) is different consequently.
A good hint is that individual foods respecting the action can be tried out this over the taking, according to this the relevant one for a certain time knows, how he/it should nourish actions and itself relating to this.

Is valid in principle :

Who does bodily much. require relatively much, protein from meat-products, gelatin, salt, particular minerals and vitamins.

Who does mentally much. need protein particular vitamins relatively much, sugar, from milk-product.

Sturgeon-processes of the correct nutrition

If the spirit is a material body sick or it prevails disorder in it, so an automatic faulty-nutrition with the material body can be the consequence through it, something on the other hand physical suffers causes.


The lack of information, that the spirit requires, in order to act right, or, to live, is also the cause of physical ailments, if the instinct of the nature is overlaid the nutrition and actions by these misinformations in reference or the instinct is disturbed by mental or mental problems in general.
That is, if is anchored in the spirit, that a food or an activity are bad, that this then is not eaten or is transacted, although this is good for the relevant one.
This adds been disturbed the instinct through the taking of artificial aromas or strong food-mixtures very much on top of this, since the body means by help of the sense of taste to have earned certain materials, that stand in the normal case of had a say aromas in connection.
This factor can mix up the relevant organism so that this is no more capable to select his/its really one-increasing food to what a faulty-nutrition leads automatically.
Therefore, it is important, his/its food as pure as possible and to earn without seasonings and to connect not many foods together for a meal. No artificial foods of consuming also are.
(Work-hint: To the understanding, look instinct)

Since the genetic code of every nature of most different type is, is to be picked another food and exercise for every nature, that the best it the food and exercises through the effect, should determine even.
However it is to be heeded that the instinct actually realizes this automatically.
Only these instincts are disturbed in the present-day world through misinformation and wrong-information so that this instinct must be promoted and must be put in again.
The material body inflicted an ailment through a continuous excess or lack of a certain material or a certain activity, is so to be equalized this again, in that the relevant one lets the excess or lack of the earned materials or the excess or lack of the activities turn into the lack or excess, what causes, that the ailment is inverted.

However, this can be unhealthy, so, that the relevant one should find the middle of the excesses and lacks in future.
The relevant one like it knows should hold back in future, so, that it does well through its experience, and nevertheless is not a mental or mental problem, that caused (karmisch (in German)) through mental faulty-attitudes through lack of information or is evoked causes by manifested in the body or spirits, in the situation for longer time so to keep to this in him/it probably is available.
(Work-hint: look spirit, soul, manifestations)

The body-cells:

In the runs a life the material body takes it from poison itself through the food-supply to itself in the cells ages.

If the body-cells should renew themselves through cell-division, so that they replace defective body-cells with it, it is important that little poison, that exists in the cells to be shared, and that completely they had enough time furthermore to the disposal to ripen.

Sturgeon-processes of reference of the body-cells:1. if the cell with many poisons is incriminated, so this disturbs can come the genetically depending process of the cell-division and it to a faulty transfer of the healthy genetics of the exit-cell to the duplicating cell through it in the figurative sense.

2. if the cell is not sufficiently ripe at the cell-division, so the duplicate of this exit-cell assumes the (unausgereiften (in German)) condition this as ripe condition, and generally can only ripen the (unausgereiften (in German)) condition of the exit-cell until it consequently reached.

3. the activity of the body-cells is determined also with the influence of the cosmic energy. (Work-hint: look cosmical energy)

Explanation of reference of the sturgeon-processes of the cells:

to 2.

This means this that duplicate of the cell has a shorter lifespan automatically since perfectly only the perfect genetic cell is capable to work and the consequence of a perfection carries a long lifespan in itself.

Use the material body through relatively much physical or mental work, so so many cells, that the cells must divide in an (unausgereiften(in German)) condition, become the possible exercises of the body and or the spirit automatically through physical or mental weakness reduces, about through it the receipt of the body and or spirit's, to guarantee.
The relevant one doesn't stick to the reduced activities, that the physical or mental weakness determines, through covering up the weakness-symptoms, so the (unausgereiften(in German)) duplicates of the (unausgereiften(in German)) exit-cell, that were assumed as ripe condition, still share (unausgereifteren(in German)) condition into one, so, that the duplicates of the cells win an always less (unausgereifteren(in German)) condition in the course of time, what is perceived by a reinforcement of the physical or mental weaknesses on the other hand. (This is perceived in the "normal case" as senility.)
On this occasion it is to be heeded, however, that a lack of nutrition can evoke a faulty-nutrition psychic burden or a lack of cosmic energy also physical and mental weaknesses.
Add on top of this, what means comes to terms with the (unausgereifte(in German)) booth less poison than ripe cells, that the (unausgereiften(in German)) cells deform earlier on the other hand; what means that very strongly the eating must be discontinued, that also poisons carry in itself, so that the body can survive. The activities of the relevant restrict this again even more through the absence of food.

to 1.

The relevant one takes broadly on more poison in the body-cells than it from these can out-lead, so the body-cells are so strongly incriminated through it in the course of time that the duplicated cells of the exit-cells, which equal a change of the healthy genetic code of the duplicated cells through it, can be faulty.
The grade of the duplicated cells becomes more and more badly through it in the course of time and deformations of the genetically established body therefore occur in the relevant one.
This is determined normally as "normal" maturing, in that the bones become brittle and break the sea-strength more easily, the hair-color eases for itself alters or in that pleats in the skin of a material body are created.
However, this not only is external but, also internally detectable, in that all organs of deforming and consequently the body-functions ease to work.

Energy-blockades, that can appear in the material body, are another reason of deformations of the material body if body-parts and the muscles, sinews and joints of the material body respectively are not lengthened sufficiently.
Energy-blockades cause a jam of energy, that under-looks after the body with cosmic energy by the energy-knot-point, what the function of the under-looked after cells reduces.
This causes that the concerned cells come to terms with through their slow activity of less poisons or retire and must divide through the strong demand untimely if necessary and deforms itself strongly through the poisons if necessary.

If the energy-knot-point is very strong enriched with energy, so the danger exists that the cells multiply strongly in the knot-point through the strong energy-influence, which can evoke proliferations.
However, the blockades can be remedied by real bodystrechings in connection with correct nutrition of the sinews and joints.
(Work-hint: Siehe Strechings)
However, there is to get from alcohol through the taking also rid of mental brain-blockades.
Brain-blockades then are built, if is thought little or not at all.
However, they can be created even if the relevant one is involved into constantly same thinking.
(The right energy-river of the body is determined by the correct function of the meridian-river in connection with the right (Abstrahlung(in German)) of the Chakren.)

Concluding is to be said, this should be kept an eye on following points:1. decontamination of the material body.

This can be achieved by follow :

(Schwitzkuren(in German)) with the taking of the required minerals, the abstinence from connection with the required (Minerallienzufuhr, Entsäuerungen(in German)) through soda (with the (Entsäuerung(in German)) of the body, the morning measured urine should show a neutral PH value), cleaning (Räucherwerk(in German)) to the cleaning of the aura and the spirit (lavenders, Condor Copal) heavy metal-decontaminations through algae bio. Reu Rella, after Dr..Klinghard, taking from Stinkasant to the elimination of waste-rests in the stomach - and intestine - - area, from cell-cleaning electric vibration-therapy.

2. correct nutrition of the material body in general and in reference to the executing activities.

3. no exercises, with which the correct cell-construction of the body comes along no more.

4. it should preferably no unnatural drugs is earned.
On this occasion it is important to know that the relevant body gets used to the strength of the taken medicine so that a present taking of relatively easy medicine doesn't show any effect at a bygone taking of strong medicine.

5a. No artificially produced aroma-materials should be earned.
(Also such, the actually more natural wildlife, with which is missing the residual natural material, is)
5b. Meals should not consist of too many components and additions like condiment-means.
6. strechings, since integral activities, that everyone body-part in it to required type and lengthens wisely, hardly possible is.

7. correct posture and use of the own locomotion-possibility.

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